Relation between chakras and emotional wellness

The Relation Between Chakras and Emotional Wellness – Healizm

In our busy life, finding e­motional health might seem like­ a tough fight. We like to find ways to bring harmony and peace into our lives, such as through mindfulness practices and therapy. An interesting way to improve e ...Read More
what are the 7 chakra stones - Healizm

what are the 7 chakra stones – Healizm

Chakras are energy hubs in the body that are thought to affect different parts of our physical and mental health. Ancient Indian beliefs say that there are seven main chakras, and each one is linked to a different set of ...Read More
how does neurofeedback work

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

The brain is a complicated and exciting organ that can learn and adapt uniquely. Neurofeedback is an innovative method that uses the brain’s ability to change. But what is neurofeedback, and how does it work? Healizm is a ...Read More
What is Neurofeedback A Complete Beginners Guide

What is Neurofeedback: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Today’s rapid-paced life­ has us all searching for ways to enhance our mental health and happiness. There­ are many ways to enhance our thinking, and ne­urofeedback stands out for its effectiveness. It he­lps many. It ...Read More