Can You Be Aware of Your Own Psychosis

Can You Be Aware of Your Own Psychosis?

Psychosis is a condition that affects the brain and changes how someone sees and thinks about things. It can make them experience things that others cannot comprehend, like hearing voices when nobody is around or seeing things that aren’ ...Read More
Is panic disorder a disability

Is Panic Disorder a Disability?

Panic attacks are intense feelings of fear or anxiety that arise without warning, with no apparent cause, and are symptoms of panic disorder. With panic disorders, a person experiences sudden frightful feelings, and their body behaves strangely. Sometimes, panic disorders ...Read More
what are somatic exercises

What Are Somatic Exercises?

Somatic exercises are body movements that focus on the internal physical perception and experience. They intend to increase awareness of how we feel inside, both physically and emotionally. In this post, we will discuss what are somatic exercises in more ...Read More
What Are the Top 10 Medications for Anxiety

What Are the Top 10 Medications for Anxiety?

When dealing with anxiety, it’s natural to look for ways to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms. You try various ways and means to overcome the issue you are coping with. One common question that arises is: what are the ...Read More