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Neurofeedback-Train Your Brain, Change Your Life

Developed by DARPA cleared by the FDA, neurofeedback therapy is the latest advancement in treating mental disorders.

New technology based on proven science. Neurofeedback has been in utilized for over 10 years. A powerful new delivery system gets results with our stat of the art technology.
Proven Results
Hundreds of Clinical Studies and FDA cleared Approval bring documented results with safe delivery technology to the patients population.


What is Neurofeedback Therapy


Electroencephalography (EEG) is the measurement of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp which reflects cortical activity, commonly referred to as "brainwaves."

Quantitative EEG (qEEG) uses machine learning algorithms to generate a 3D representation of the brain. This process is called "brain mapping."

qEEG based biofeedback, a.k.a. neurofeedback, is a safe non-invasive and drug free comprehensive treatment system that helps align and restore your brain function.

How Works

How Does Neurofeedback Work

  • Under the direction of Dr Chohan our certified technologists provide pre-screening, testing and consultations as you progress through the brain training program.
  • Most advanced neurofeedback FDA cleared technology with proven positive outcomes.
  • Dry cap EEG technology avoids timely and messy skin prep gel or invasive techniques.
  • Advanced technology allows us to see your brain activity in real-time 3D.
  • With modern referential database guidance, our AI software displays and analyzes data allowing us to train focused zones of the brain as small as 5 cubic millimeters.
  • In alignment with our core values and commitment to research, our practitioners abide by best practice standards put forth by the AAPB

Our Services


Our Approach


We utilized a multi-disciplinary approach to formulating your individualized plan of care with neurofeedback, affording you the best in class approach to your brain wellness.

Our Process

How can Healizm
work for you?


Our specialists will interpets and analyse the images taken by our device and best type of treatment protocol. After a thorough assessment of your brain’s functions and a comparison with million brain database, our specialists will look over your results and formulate an individual treatment plan that they will discuss with you.

Our specialists will organize training sessions to help control your brainwaves so that they can achieve optimal and productive levels. The sessions last 30-45 minutes , and will comprise of assessments, video, and exercises.

Training sessions typically last 30-minutes long while you enjoy a video or game. You can watch a film or listen to the music you like. Brainwaves are tracked and using operant conditioning, stimuli are adjusted to guide them back into normal patterns.

We can provide a tailored nutrition program that is designed to complement neurofeedback therapies that improve the health of your brain and improves its functioning.