How Long Will a Narcissist Ignore You?

how long will a narcissist ignore you

When a narcissist ignores you, it can be extremely confusing and upsetting.
Narcissists always try to seek attention and become the super one. They try to maintain their good reputation in front of others. Similarly, when you are in love with a selfish person, that person starts ignoring you.
The question arises: How Long Will a Narcissist Ignore You? So, it all depends on the situation and the circumstances you are facing at that moment.
The narcissist’s behavior impacts the person’s health. The vital thing that you must have to do is to set the boundaries.
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Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts?

Narcissists require control, which is often the evidence they ignore others. They dislike feeling vulnerable or exposed and will employ their power to console an individual control.
Unfortunately, narcissists do not have empathy, making it difficult to understand how their conduct affects others.
As a result, narcissists may choose to cut off interaction with those who do not meet their requirements, reprimand them, and assert their authority.
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Signs of a Female Narcissist

  1. They quietly assert their power.
  2. They position themselves as socially important.
  3. They use their femaleness to deflect blame.
  4. They prefer quiet fraud methods.
  5. They seek your attention and confirmation.
  6. They often have one-sided conversations.
  7. They are extremely envious of other women.

Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

  • “I dislike the new guy you’re dating. Why don’t you look for someone better?
  • “Study hard. I understand how bad you are at math.”
  • “No one like you.”
  • “You’re heading to eat all of that?”
  • “You look ugly in new clothes. You need to return it.”
  • “You made so tasteless food.”

When a Narcissist Individual Gives Silent Treatment-Things To DO

When dealing with narcissists, it’s important to understand that silent treatment is a strategy for exercising authority and influence.
It can be challenging not to react mentally, but do your best to remain calm and composed.
Avoid responding evasively or interacting with them further because this will only reinforce their behavior. Instead, prioritize setting proper limits by emphasizing what you are willing and unable to accept from them.
Seek professional assistance to learn how to manage difficult interactions better.

When You Ignore a Narcissist

Ignoring a narcissist who ignores you can be difficult, but it is the most effective way to protect yourself. Disregarding their actions demonstrates that it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
If they continue to ignore you, try to establish boundaries or distance yourself from the situation as much as possible.
Finally, remember that your sense of mental wellness ought to come no matter the circumstances.

How Long Will a Narcissist Ignore You -Types of Ignoring Behaviour

Ignoring behavior is expressive abuse in which the committer deliberately disregards or avoids collaborating with the prey.
This can take many forms, including silent treatment, withholding attention, and declining communication. These behaviors harm the victim by instilling feelings of rejection, neglect, and powerlessness.

Silent Treatment

The most common form of overlooking is the silent treatment. This entails completely cutting off every interaction with the person being ignored and completely ignoring anyone who has upset or irritated them.
This type of punishment appeals to narcissists because it grants them power and control over their victims.
Another method a narcissist may use to manipulate someone is to send text messages or emails that cause distress without clarifying why.
These messages frequently contain threats or insults intended solely for emotional manipulation rather than constructive criticism or suggestions for improving oneself.
This sends a strong message that they do not value their partner’s presence, creating a situation in which one partner feels unimportant, wounded, and powerless.

Withholding Attention

Another form of ignoring behavior is withholding attention, which involves denying a person love and affection to spiritually manipulate them by managing how much consideration they receive from you.
This can range from refusing compliments or touching, such as hugs or keeping hands, to completely discontinuing all relationship activities, such as going on dates or having important discussions about your lives.
The offender disregards their partner’s presence or views, creating an environment where one party feels unimportant.

Refusing To Communicate

Another example of ignoring behavior is refusing to communicate with someone and disregarding their thoughts and feelings.
This can be accomplished in various ways, such as not listening when they attempt to express something important or simply changing the subject without considering what was previously said, leaving them feeling unheard and overlooked, leading to emotional distress over time.

Dismissing or Invalidating Feelings

Finally, ignoring or invalidating feelings entails belittling someone’s emotions, either through words (“you’re reacting excessively”) or actions (“walking away while someone is still talking”).
This only makes victims feel inadequate and unimportant, reinforcing negative beliefs regarding themselves that, if left unchecked and unaddressed, could have long-term effects on self-esteem, which no one should ever have to go through.

Therapy For Narcissistic Abuse

If you believe you have been the victim of narcissistic influence and abuse, seeking professional help can have significant benefits.
Therapy can help you look at and comprehend the situation differently, regain trust, manage stress, and heal from hazardous experiences.
When considering therapy, your best option is individual counseling with just you and someone you trust working through the situation.
Couples therapy is generally advised if one of the partners suffers from NPD due to the potential for narcissistic triangulation.
Furthermore, the narcissistic collaborator may use the information discussed in therapy to control the other partner later on.


Hopefully, comprehending why a narcissist ignores you will help you break free from their control.
Ignoring you is an example of narcissistic abuse. You have every reason to be hurt by it.
But this is not your fault. No matter how much the self-absorbed individual in your life attempts to persuade you otherwise.
Blaming you for their bad behavior is another example of narcissistic abuse.
If you’re unsure why a self-absorbed individual ignores you, you should know that they won’t change.

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